The Power of Presence

Today I am reflecting on the power of presence. As I do so I am reminded of a passage of scripture found in Luke 8:40-56 in which Jesus is seen walking in a crowd on his way to Jairus’ house in response to his request to heal his only daughter. While Jesus is walking to Jairus’ house to heal his daughter a woman presses through the crowd to touch his garment. Jesus instantly knows power has been released from him because of someone’s touch of faith. He asks “who touched me?” After declaring the woman whole, Jesus then proceeds to Jairus’ house despite the fact that men have come and told them the daughter is dead. Jesus goes to the house and raises the daughter to life. What a awesome picture of the power of presence!

These encounters reveal that Jesus was present with people on at least three levels during his earthly ministry: physically-he was in the crowd; spiritually-he felt the power released from him; and emotionally-he recognized Jairus’ pain at the news of his daughter’s death.

I am convinced that the helpless, hopeless, and hurting in our communities today need men and women of God to be present in these ways in their lives. If we are to be used by God to transform lives and change our world, we must know, understand, and utilize the power of presence. Decide today to move forward utilizing the power of presence.

There are broken people waiting on us to show up so God can use us to change their lives!

Let’s be present!


One thought on “The Power of Presence

  1. Lisa Reuter

    Not only must we be present but be mindful. Jesus was on a mission but he still paid attention to his surroundings. He didn’t ignore the needs of who was around him and keep walking or tell her to come back at a more appropriate time because he was busy. He stopped and addressed her and her situation. We must be mindful that our presence is seen by more than who we’re helping. Don’t neglect one because the focus is on helping another. Sometimes being on an assignment is the only reason someone else may cross our path and we must be present for them as well. That may have been the true assignment after all and we miss it. Not only will it bless them but us as well. Don’t miss a blesing because you’re not mindful of your presence and the impact it has. Great message Pastor!


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